Classic Car Spa 100% Hand Wash

The Classic Car Spa 100% HAND CAR WASH concept grew out of a desire to provide a very clean car wash and to do it with care. The process allows for an exceptional wash and eliminates the problems caused by the rough scrubbing of heavy equipment and high pressure impellers.

Fully automated and computerized, the high-quality car washing system is a fantastic moving conveyor belt wash. The customer watches their vehicle while being automatically guided through the glass enclosed tunnel where the vehicle is soaked, soaped, hand washed with lambs wool mitts, polished, rinsed with spot-free water and blown dry all in a matter of minutes.


Classic Car Spa Detailing

At Classic Car Spa we offer detail services ranging from a basic Hand Wax to an Ultimate Detail by only experienced and professional detailers.

Auto detailing is the practice of performing an extremely thorough cleaning and polishing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a "show room" quality of detail, including extra polishing steps and the cleaning of hard-to-get places in the interior.

Pricing and estimated times are determined on vehicles condition and the type of detail. Stop by any location for more detail options and pricing.


Classic Car Spa Express Lube

Nothing works harder to keep your car, truck, van or SUV running smoothly than Valvoline Oils. From conventional to fully synthetic, high-performance to high-mileage — Valvoline has the type of oil you need to go the distance. Classic Express Lube Delivers a 19 point inspection and a complimentary car wash with every change of oil. Transmission Service, Radiator Flushes, Belt Battery Replacement are all available at Classic Express Lube.


Classic Car Spa Market and Fuel

Before you start your day, maybe a hot cup of our custom blended Classic Cafe’ Coffee or any icy soda will help you on your way. Classic Markets are fully stocked Convenience stores that can satisfy your every need. From our large selection of fine wines and imported beers, to candy bars and snacks, our staff helps you find whatever you like. We have several stores open 24 hours for the late nighters or early risers. For those who want to stop by on the way to work our other store opens at 5:30 AM.

We proudly sell CHEVRON, SHELL, SINCLAIR, and E-85 brands in the Classic family. Please check with individual location to see which product is available.


Classic Car Spa Tint

Beat the heat with window tinting. Classic Car Spa has a window tint service. Tinted windows minimize the amount of UV rays into a vehicle. This allows the vehicle to stay cooler in the hot months in Az. It will also keep you from being sun burned while driving around town. We offer several shades and will tint any window within legal limits. Our tint service is only offered at our Scottsdale Ridge location. If you are interested in having your windows tinted or re-tinted, please call and make an appointment.